[Zombies] Forbidden Planet Explored in Brussels / assorted news bits

Thierens, Danny Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com
Sat Oct 9 05:51:17 EDT 2004

Hi all,
I made it to yesterday's performance of _Forbidden Planet Explored_ in
Brussels. The settings was a theatre, no seats, comfy pillows, a big screen
and Jack producing loads of bleeps & burps through a pretty good and loud
soundsystem. Other than the CD release on Important, which is edited down,
his music span throughout almost the entire movie (about 1,5 hours), but
making sure the dialogue was audible OK. Some of the music interacted great
with the movie dialogue (for instance the Krell music cube). All in all, a
very nice experience !
Afterwards I had a chance to chat with Jack and Ellen (what kind people
!!!), about touring Europe, upcoming releases, ... Anyway, here is a small
summary of what is coming up for us :
- new 2CD on Important before the end of the year, most likely as Meat Beat
- new CD on Thirsty Ear before mid '05, also most likely as Meat Beat
- 2CD compilation on Important of Perennial Divide stuff, both released and
previously unreleased
- more _Forbidden Planet Explored_ dates in Europe
- Tino dates in Europe for March/April '05 ............................
- collaboration with the drummer from Slayer and Chuck D (Public Enemy)
- ...
Apparently there was a Tino show in London earlier this week, connected to
the Resfest, but it was an invitation-thing only. I don't know if any UK
Zombies (are there any left ???) made it there.


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