[Zombies] space children

adjust at rematter.com adjust at rematter.com
Wed Nov 17 15:34:09 EST 2004

> Quoting "adjust at rematter.com" <adjust at rematter.com>:
>> a friend (who i am quite sure will hate me after this) tipped me to this
>> auction of a copy of 'lets go disco' from '88. apparently mills and may
>> are in on the bidding war, which is a pretty good indicator of the worth
>> on this particular slab.
> dunno...weird purchases if that actually is derrick. at any rate, here's a
> really twisted thought i just had - think of all the people who'd bid on
> this
> thinking "i could beat jeff mills!" driving the price up. i'm not
> suggesting
> this is what you're doing, of course.

it's also kind of like shadowing mills around the record store and
grabbing a copy of everything that he grabs, 'cept over the interweb. ebay
trainspotting, a new low for chinstrokers everywhere.

stylistically it makes perfect sense though, mills being the wizard and
all, and this era of trax being pages right out of the book he helped
proliferate. when he closed the movement (DEMF) festival a couple of years
ago, mills played a bit of the hip-house vibe in that set, but i've heard
him drop cookie crew, monie love and d-mob in different sets years before
that. as far as derrick, he probably apes mills' auctions and is doing it
as part of his ongoing struggle to stay relevant.

that is, if it is actually even derrick and jeff in the bidding -- could
just be a classic case of "must be true, i read it on the internet".

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