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I'd be more then happy to contribute. I've got about 5 live shows in my
possesion, plus JD Dj appearences on 2002 "Helter skelter radio" and "solid
steel". I've also compiled every mbm/jd remix onto cdr's and built a "remix
collection". (about 6 cd's)

There are a few people on the net who have trading lists. Their list consists of
many bands, and mbm is sometimes one of them. Unfortunately I haven't had any
luck trying to trade with these people, as they are as hardcore MBM fans as the
Zombies here are. Perhaps we could start a little trading ring here? 

One day I woke up in Miami...

Quoting micah stupak <micah at benthic.cc>:

> i've always been so disappointed jack's never done a live album. maybe
> we could do one here... the underworld list did a bootleg comp that
> was awesome. i'd be more than happy to handle all the mastering and
> tweaking to try and get it sound as seamless and good as possible.
> do we have enough bootlegs to merit doing this? we'd all vote on which
> versions of which tracks we like, based on mp3 sample previews on a
> web page somewhere, and then assemble a tracklist.
> thoughts?
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