[Zombies] Fans who are musicians

Seamonkey originalcontrol at charter.net
Mon Mar 15 17:26:00 EST 2004

Hey Sean... think we're insane :)
I remember that link too, but alas, no help from me...
Thanks for the link, and the Horn of Jerico mix was played on the last DigitalNimbus show, I saw it on the playlist and was curious cuz I missed the broadcast.  Guess I'll get the show downloaded and get my fix until it's loaded up on the other site (please Francesca??!?)
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  Oh! And by the way, is that MBM-rarities-ftp-thing where you could trade hard to find tracks still floating around out there? I never did get a chance to check it out. Someone here on the zombies list set that up, didn't they? Or am I just going insane?


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