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Welcome, Brian! 
In Dub is more reminiscent of MBM circa Subliminal Sandwich to me...which is
a great thing. I got the dvd last week. My only disappointment is that I
have remote rear speakers (as in no wires winding around my living room),
and the images in a couple of the videos seem to somehow interfere with the
signal causing some staticy buzzing. So if I'm watching the videos, I have
to listen to it in stereo, but if I want to hear the surround mixes, I have
to switch off the tv screen. Dammit. At least it's not like that on all of
Anyway, yeah. The dvd (or cd) is very much worth getting. I personally like
it better than RUOK?. 

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hi there
new to the list so just making my presence known. still not got the new cd
as being stuck in the uk it's not out here yet, i think! i've heard its a
bit like MBM of old which is no bad thing. anyone seen the dvd yet, is it
worth getting?

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