[Zombies] Fans who are musicians [Horn of Jerico Remix]

Sean Mullen sean at imageworks.com
Fri Jun 18 12:24:57 EDT 2004

I've been playing around with a new one of She's Unreal (since I already had
all the samples) as well. If I ever finish it, I'll be sending it along too.

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Highlo beautiful zombies...  First off apologies for not getting this to you
it's been crazy busy + moving and all that...  Anyhow, these lovely
sculptures of sound
are now LiVe and DiReCT... . . . .. ..


2 Newest Additions to the MBM Fans Who Are Musicians Project ...
:: Exillon : Horn of Jerico Remix
:: Line Noise : Helter Skelter Remix

Bringing the Project up to 16 Remixes!!
You should definitely check all of the mixes out as they are lovely

Be On the Lookout for Upcoming Remixes By:
:: Mad EP
:: Abstract Polygon

Dig the Music Kidz.. .. . . ..

Peace and Luv,


The Horn of Jerico remix by Exillon

another kick ass track of Helter Skelter that was recently submitted by
Laced Milk Technologies 


 Did these tracks ever become available? I haven't seen them up on the site.




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WOW Word gets out FAST...  The Horn of Jerico remix by Exillon - was hand

to me while Pietro and I did our radio show this last Fri. night
(technically sat. morning...)

I will be putting up this wonderful track as well as another kick ass track
of Helter Skelter that was recently submitted by Laced Milk Technologies
within the next couple of days...  This brings the Fans Who Our Musicians
remix project up to 16 Tracks!!!

In the meantime feel free to check out the MP3 of our last radio show as we
debuted  the

Horn of Jericho track live and direct.  It highlights the beginning of our
weekly "MBM and related



Size: 84.5mb @ 64kbps @ 3h:04m

Exillon dropped by the studio and we had an extensive ZOD records giveaway,
as well

as continued promotion for the Not Breathing, Babyland, and Exillon show
that occurred on

Sat. at the smell in Los Angeles...

 Peace and Luv,


 Peace and Luv,

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