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well, frankly i think this has about as much of a chance happening as does 
that boxing match between godzilla and king kong that i've been trying to 
organize for one of my birthday parties since i was six years old, but it would be 
every bit as awesome.
the reason i'd like to see it work is that while both their styles are 
intricate with a distinctive atmospheric quality, they are almost opposite. dangers 
is so much of a studio baby that i would swear his mother pacified him with 
knobs off a moog when he was but an infant, and reznor rocks with all the rage 
of an eight year-old who just found out santa aint real. i think reznor would 
add a human quality and ardency that has been so much more lost in jack's 
recent years'  work, while danger could have the patients and mind to tweek the 
sound into something to blow our minds ... but, alas, i fear we will only hear 
silence from one end, and homogeneous collaborations on the other here.
oh, and i finally got around to buying the "in dub" dvd today, so jack can 
look forward to run/records cutting him another three-cent check at the end of 
the month.
(by the by, i like trent's voice.)

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jrbruce at mail.plymouth.edu writes:
> Setting trents voice aside, I think the combination of reznor and dangers 
> in 
> the studio could produce something out of this world. Dangers has been a 
> master studio wizard for quite some time, but when the Fragile came out I 
> realized how trent took more to the studio on that album and produced 
> something impeccable.
> Maybe if JAck went back to his "Actual sounds and Voices" days, he'd be able 
> to make something Trent could work on too. I dunno, what do you think? 

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