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Setting trents voice aside, I think the combination of reznor and dangers in 
the studio could produce something out of this world. Dangers has been a 
master studio wizard for quite some time, but when the Fragile came out I 
realized how trent took more to the studio on that album and produced 
something impeccable.
Maybe if JAck went back to his "Actual sounds and Voices" days, he'd be able 
to make something Trent could work on too. I dunno, what do you think? 

Quoting Knavishas at aol.com:

> i think i read before that he, himself, hates his voice. i don't really care
> ... at all. 
> i think most of the music i listen to is made by people who could sing better
> if they took a swift kick in the throat before entering the recording studio.
> what i think it comes down to is weither or not someone is a good 
> musician/songwriter which i feel that reznor, for being as whiney as he is,
> is.
> i mean, if i wanted to hear someone sing for the sake of a voice, why the 
> hell would i be on a MBM mailing list? i should likely be off watching
> american 
> idol or something.
> anyway, i played a !!! cd, (which your name being on one of thier releases 
> should l suggest you are a fan of) at my friends place the other night and
> while 
> i love it, if vocal ability really mattered all that much, that guy would 
> probably cause me pain. the thing to me is that he doesn't have to have a
> good 
> voice because he uses it right.
> but you know, it's art, it doesn't need to be justified,
> andy
> In a message dated 6/3/2004 2:12:51 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
> turbid at turbid.com writes:
> > please god call it quits
> > 
> > if i ever hear his whiny voice again i'll go ballistic
> > 
> > the butchering of "dead souls" from the crow movie was the last straw and
> > i've never respected his voice or music since.  if he just shut up and let
> > flood and alan moulder record his albums, the world would be a better
> > place.

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