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Thu Jun 3 15:06:30 EDT 2004

i think i read before that he, himself, hates his voice. i don't really care 
... at all. 
i think most of the music i listen to is made by people who could sing better 
if they took a swift kick in the throat before entering the recording studio. 
what i think it comes down to is weither or not someone is a good 
musician/songwriter which i feel that reznor, for being as whiney as he is, is.
i mean, if i wanted to hear someone sing for the sake of a voice, why the 
hell would i be on a MBM mailing list? i should likely be off watching american 
idol or something.
anyway, i played a !!! cd, (which your name being on one of thier releases 
should l suggest you are a fan of) at my friends place the other night and while 
i love it, if vocal ability really mattered all that much, that guy would 
probably cause me pain. the thing to me is that he doesn't have to have a good 
voice because he uses it right.
but you know, it's art, it doesn't need to be justified,

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turbid at turbid.com writes:
> please god call it quits
> if i ever hear his whiny voice again i'll go ballistic
> the butchering of "dead souls" from the crow movie was the last straw and
> i've never respected his voice or music since.  if he just shut up and let
> flood and alan moulder record his albums, the world would be a better
> place.

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