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Brian, you're getting married... EVERYTHING will confuse you...
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  So is this available or not? I have a "pre order" at important records, but no word yet.

  Head over heels with the intention of expanding the dimension of control. >From: "Robbie Dub" <robbie_dub at> >Reply-To: zombies at >To: zombies at >Subject: Re: [Zombies] Jack Dangers :: Forbidden Planet Explored (REVIEW) >Date: Thu, 22 Jul 2004 08:16:37 -0700 > >Hey, >I checked out the length of Forbidden Planet at and it >clocks in at 98 minutes. So I'm guessing that you couldn't just push >play on both and siit down for a Dangerous A/V experience. That said >there is a DVD version of Forbidden Planet available and the track >list to the disc looks like the tunes are for various sceens so you >could maybe play the right tune at the right time with a bit of fore >thought. >If you were so inclined. >rob > >----Original Message Follows---- > > > So what I'm wondering is if you can go out, buy this release and >the > > Forbidden Planet DVD (assuming there is one), play them together >and have > > them sync up? > >Crap Sean, I guess nobody does... I'd like to know myself as I have >had the >thought of doing that myself... you know, myself... >(secret hint: Passing of Time by The Orb and Time/Great Gig in the >Sky by >Pink Floyd go great together... play THAT during your Wizard of Oz >fix...) >~Eric > >_________________________________________________________________ >Scan and help eliminate destructive viruses from your inbound and >outbound e-mail and attachments. > > Start enjoying all the benefits of MSN® Premium right now and get >the first two months FREE*. > >_______________________________________________ >Zombies mailing list >Zombies at > 

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