[Zombies] Verizon Wireless has "SET ME FREE"!!

jrbruce at mail.plymouth.edu jrbruce at mail.plymouth.edu
Thu Jul 22 13:34:50 EDT 2004

Whats up Zombies,
I got a new cellphone today, it's my first good cellphone as my last one was 
an old StarTac. N E Ways, I was browsing through the ringtones available to 
download, through an app called Ringster 2.0, and in the "dance" genre there 
is a midi version of "Prime Audio Soup". Its about 20 seconds or so of the 
beat and bass with other midi sounding clicks and tingles. I had to throw down 
the $1.99 and download it. There was also some Orbital, lots of Chemical 
Brothers, Prodigy, and Moby.
James b.

ringster 2.0-http://easyedge.uscc.com/ee_pfs/user_guides/ringster/ringster.html

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