[Zombies] Jack Dangers :: Forbidden Planet Explored (REVIEW)

Robbie Dub robbie_dub at hotmail.com
Thu Jul 22 09:16:37 EDT 2004

I checked out the length of Forbidden Planet at imdb.com and it clocks in at 
98 minutes. So I'm guessing that you couldn't just push play on both and 
siit down for a Dangerous A/V experience. That said there is a DVD version 
of Forbidden Planet available and the track list to the disc looks like the 
tunes are for various sceens so you could maybe play the right tune at the 
right time with a bit of fore thought.
If you were so inclined.

----Original Message Follows----

 > So what I'm wondering is if you can go out, buy this release and the
 > Forbidden Planet DVD (assuming there is one), play them together and have
 > them sync up?

Crap Sean, I guess nobody does... I'd like to know myself as I have had the
thought of doing that myself... you know, myself...
(secret hint: Passing of Time by The Orb and Time/Great Gig in the Sky by
Pink Floyd go great together... play THAT during your Wizard of Oz fix...)

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