[Zombies] updated updates

Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Thu Jul 1 11:18:42 EDT 2004

the news section (www.brainwashed.com/mbm) has been updated today and 2003
news has been archived

the new information about the double CD of Forbidden Planet Explored has
been included on the news page and the discography pages

all 83 tracks of Forbidden Planet Explored/Sci Fi Sound Effects have been
trickled into Brainwashed Radio and are playing randomly scattered in
amongst the rest of the playlist

i haven't done sound samples yet because sound samples are usually 60
seconds long on brainwashed and i haven't okayed giving away entire songs

if anybody wants to give me a neat background image for the opening page
of stars, i'll update that - just make sure it tiles seamlessly!




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