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Fellow zombies,

Howard saw the video for "Helter Skelter '97" when it came out and liked both
the song and video so much, he hired Ben Stokes to re-do his intro.  i
listened to Stern a lot when i was in college, and remember it well.  He
talked all about it, and even asked his E! producers on the air to contact and
hire Ben.  i think Fred plays most of the intro/outro music on the show, and
he does play a lot of strange stuff.  Besides MBM, i've heard Thrill Kill
Kult, Ministry, and Mindless Self Indulgence.  Good or bad, i still haven't
made up my mind. . .

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>he lambastes those who 'copy' him..
>yet that open for his tv show ....
>anyone know if ben s directed ?

Good question, i've wondered this myself.


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