[Zombies] guilt by association

MrSodium at aol.com MrSodium at aol.com
Tue Jan 27 22:34:13 EST 2004

Well, since Howard is a douchebag, and anything he likes is by definition 
garbage, I'm going to have to dump all my mbm.

The following are now free to a good home:

acid again
edge of no control
profile 1
storm the studio
+ the other two that are in the car right now.

and for good measure, I'm throwing in "hello friends."



don't email me asking for them!!


>Howard Stern's been a fan since Helter Skelter '97.

> You read that right..
> MBM's "Book Of Shadows" was featured this morning
> on The Howard Stern Show during an intro to the
> program, following a commercial break. @_@

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