[Coil] re : Re: re : Re: [Zombies] musical hot potato oops!

harvey at altern.org harvey at altern.org
Sun Jan 25 22:37:32 EST 2004

I love snow, I just hate cold. :P  I think I should move south of Snowflake, AZ, just so, if I want to see know, I can drive to it, flail about for a bit, then I can run off back to the warmth! ;)


Me:) Wrote:

 Good I love it. I've been walking so fucking much and
just digging on the awesomeness of all the snow. It is
very beautifull. And I love the way winter forces you
to consider your path of travel with more concern,
i.e. shouldn't take that hill unless I want to slide
the whole way down it :) (which can be lots of fun,
though I'am too old for that now)

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