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harvey at altern.org harvey at altern.org
Sun Jan 25 22:28:51 EST 2004

Oops! hehe,  Rotten web interfaces. :P *has to type in the address every time.*

At least Boston, from my gathering, is more liberal.  Last time I was in Chicago, a friend of mine was attacked by a women's shoe-salesman.  I mean, my god, my friend was attacked by a real-life Al Bundy!

Actually, a friend of mine from Hyde Park noted the weather within a year's time, the heat indexes and windchill factors one year and got a 200 degree difference, because that year a ice storm had hit and then that summer had a severe draught. :P  It's a wonder the midwest doesn't look like Mars. :P


Jon Whitney wrote:

hey, this isn't a coil post!

but Boston ain't so bad, this is rare...  i can't ever remember it being
this frigid - it's usually much colder in chicago

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