[Zombies] musical hot potato

Damon Luther dluther at myscratchdisk.com
Sat Jan 24 22:05:14 EST 2004

does anyone want to play musical hot potato? It's easy, anyone can 
participate, all you need is the ability to build on what others have 
done! Basically we (my tight knit group here in L.A.) play this game 
all the time with interesting output. It's the ultimate collaborative 
work of art. Anything goes. Here's how it works...

1. the moderator (for the first round it will be me) starts the song 
with an idea or riff.

2. then the moderator passes it on to the next musician.

3. they edit and build progressions and flavor.

4. they pass it back to the moderator which in-turn forwards it to the 
next participant. and so on.

the rules...

no one revisits the mix, once it's left their studio it's up to the 
next musician to realize the song. Only 10 musicians can be in the mix. 
In my experience any more than 10 spoils the mix, too much input. the 
moderator controls the musician line up... so when the participants are 
done with their mix it's sent back to the moderator which then sends it 
to the next participant. this is just the control mechanism to assure 
that the mix remains pure. and so on. For legal purposes... no one 
retains copyright or publishing rights over the mix... it is considered 
public domain. This is purely for the art of music and not for personal 

So if anyone is interested let me know and I'll get the ball rolling. 
We need 10 or less and more than 5 musicians to make this work.


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