[Zombies] Not Breathing w/ Jack Dangers.

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Jack is on one track, so thought y'all may be interested.  I've not ordered 
a copy yet, but probably will soon-ish.

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>the new Not Breathing CD 'carrion sounds'  is now available. the onesheet 
>list for the album has been included with this email. to order the album 
>please contact
>crolls at kimosciotic.com www.kimosciotic.com or check with distributors such 
>as aquarius,
>revovlver and insound in the next month or so. we just got them in the 
>mail the other day.
>for radio station & magazine promo / concert booking / pre orders and 
>please contact crolls at kimosciotic.com / press at kimosciotic.com
>thanks for everyone who came out to the record release party. it was 
>really a fun night
>and really a packed club. a special shout out to folks who came out from 
>los angeles,
>texas and flagstaff. hope it was worth the drive. check 
>for a crazy photo of me playing live
>Artist: Not Breathing
>Title: Carrion Sounds
>Catalogue Number: KSR007 for CD
>Format: full length
>Not Breathing, the brainchild of Dave Wright, resurfaces amidst the 
>stagnant waters of "electronic"
>music with a sonic masterpiece. During a three-year hibernation since the 
>release of Itchy Tingles (Invisible, 2000),
>  Dave Wright has discovered and refined the art of instrument 
> manipulation. By acting as a modern day Dr. Frankenstein,
>  Dave Wright reanimates discarded children's toys, ancient drum machines 
> and forgotten synthesizers, resulting in
>  unique sonic orchestration. Often, Not Breathing's tracks showcase the 
> perverse auditory realizations of a mad scientist
>  with soldering iron in hand, which aside from generating massive 
> underground attention has procured customers for
>  Dave Wright's homemade instrument sales.
>"Dave Wright's a true American electronic gem." -Brainwashed.com
>"National Anthem of WOR" illustrates the uncontested genius of Dave 
>Wright's beat programming with its frenetic broken
>scattershot weaving betwixt the warp and woof of rhythmic reality.  Here 
>is the fuzzy logician getting bent on free jazz. Hovering
>  sub-harmonics awash in undead video game flashbacks. A harbinger of 
> insectoid ascendancy, "Worlock Radar" delivers a plague
>of nano-tech locusts hardwired to devastate and reprogram techno 
>unbelievers. Not Breathing teams up with Meat Beat
>  Manifesto's Jack Dangers on "Bebe Baron's Panties." Jack Dangers infuses 
> damaging big beat into Dave Wright's sonic blender
>illuminating the missing link between whats wrong with present day 
>electronic offerings.  A Not Breathing
>album is not complete without at least one excursion into deep oceanic 
>darkness, and "Garmonbozia"   is its name; full of lush,
>time-stretched waterphone samples, theremin, and modular analog respiration.
>Track Listing:
>1.      Melloncholie Battlecat
>2.      National Anthem of WOR
>3.      Astral Sexual Predator
>4.      Worlock Radar
>5.      Space Between II
>6.      Bebe Baron's Panties (feat. Jack Dangers of Meat Beat Manifesto)
>7.      Hawkin Chakras
>8.      Aleatoric Funk
>9.      Polaris
>10.     Night Driving
>11.     Garmonbozia
>  For more information and interview inquiries, please contact  Chris 
> Rolls at press at kimosciotic.com
>Kimosciotic Records - www.kimosciotic.com
>608C Haight Street, San Francisco, CA 94117
>dave wright

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