[Zombies] TapeLab.org LiVE & DiRECT!

Knavishas at aol.com Knavishas at aol.com
Fri Jan 2 18:15:52 EST 2004

Yeah ...
I think the new site is pretty sweet too,
but honestly,
am I really the only one a bit freaked out that Danger's circle of 
compatriots not only really seems to believe that gaseous animals are reconstructing the 
laws for physical reality in San Francisco, but also have taken the time to 
somehow fit Tino with a custom made spacesuit?
To make matters worse, it would also seem that Jack has somehow managed to 
turn his entire studio into a weightless environment; which possibly was only 
done to compliment Tino's new spacesuit.
Plus, thinking back to the photos from RUOK?, doesn't the weightless 
environment and the fact that there is a little three inch tall Cuban guy in a space 
suit running, or floating, around torment the cat at all.
I mean, if I was a cat, and then I suddenly started to float, that would 
cause me quite the bother, but then if, while I was floating, a three-inch Cuban 
drummer floated by me, then that would, (pardon my crass idiom) fuck my shit 
right up, but then to top it all off, if while I was floating and trying to 
place sense behind the floating drummer man, three gaseous animals suddenly 
materialized while making sweet sweet L-O-V-E, then ... well then I just don't know 
It's all kinda' freaky you know.

In a message dated 1/2/2004 1:26:38 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
jsd at cluttered.com writes:
> great job francesca.  i've been to the tapelab and your site really does 
> justice to this unique and amazing place.

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