[Zombies] R.U.O.K In Dub DVD

Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Sun Feb 29 14:05:35 EST 2004

> What is it with you people ? I can't believe nobody else has posted about
> this since it was released weeks ago. Well, I just watched/listened to on
> the following setup:
> - Denon AVR-1603 Surround Receiver (discontinued model recently acquired)
> - Cambridge Soundworks Series 3 (5 x 2-way speakers plus woofer unit)
> - no subwoofer
> Other technical notes: there's also a stereo mix (I didn't check to see if
> it's Dolby Digital or 16 bit/48 kHz linear), and because this is about the
> length of a CD, the bit rate is pretty high, usually at least 7 Mb/s and
> sometimes peaking to 9.8 or so. The separate tracks seem to be divided into
> separate "programs" and not chapters of one program. One sequence features
> multiple camera angles (actually a selection of different visual companions
> to the track).
> Anyway, it sounds great. If you consider it a remix of R.U.O.K., it is
> *much* more groove-orientated, bringing to mind Jack's earlier, funnier work
> (ha ha). DJ Collage does a good job toasting; effects and reverb use the
> rear channels without pinging around too distractingly. It would sound great
> at a party, and your guests could stare at images of space, gritty San
> Francisco and environs, radio and audio (even "five channel") motifs, and
> Tapelab. One sequence features Jack in an spacesuit floating around an
> interior which is synthesized out of a lot of equipment (especially modular
> synths) in Tapelab.
> So go get it, fools, it's not much more expensive than a CD.

I'd just like to note that I'm extremely jealous of Jack's gianormous rare music collection (see alternate video channel, Retrograde Dub).  Which planetarium audio department did he have to rob to get that Tim Clark record?

Can't comment on the 5.1 Surround feature of the DVD, all I have is simple stereo.  I was expecting a little bit more to the visuals, Echo in Space and Super Soul were kind of disappointing, but the Fromage, Radiation, and Deep Field Recording vids were well worth the purchase.


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