[Zombies] MBM Interview in Grooves 12

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This sounds like a quote from a show I saw the other night on the Bravo 
channel called the History of Reggae, or something like that. Ayway, it was 
a great show.

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An excellent 4-page interview with Jack can be found in
the new GROOVES MAGAZINE Issue 12.

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MEAT BEAT MANIFESTO Grooves 12 (pg. 38)

"When Jamaica's producer pioneers first twisted knobs and
threw effects at reggae sides at the end of the 1960s, they
could hardly have known that over three decades later, the
style they invented --dub --would still be going strong. Nor is
it likely that King Tubby, Augustus Pablo, or Lee Perry thought
that their practice of versioning vocal tunes --chopping up,
effecting, and removing the vocals altogether --would spawn
a remix culture that extends into virtually every form of
popular music today. What they may not have been surprised
to learn at the time, however, is that the idea of the lone
producer twisting, reconfiguring, and dubbing out material
over the mixing desk would become the bedrock of virtually
every dance-based genre." By Rob Geary
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