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Sun Feb 8 10:01:35 EST 2004

Digital::Nimbus PLAYLIST (02.07.04) Show #86

Congrats to the winners of the CD Giveaway including Constant
Flux, Fateless Flows and Laced Milk Technologies!

Tonight @ Ground Flor: CONSTANT FLUX *LIVE* + Yo Suzuki (Visuals)

Archive MP3 & Stream :: digitalnimbus.net/archive
(82.8mb @ 64kbps @ 2h:56m)

. Constant Flux: Mercury Cocktail [All Things Change] :/Run
. Thought Universe: DX3SNH1 [Mixed Messages] Struktur
. Osiris: Shopping Cart Mix [Miad, V/A] Somia Music
. Signal Generator: PSS-780 [Square Wave EP] Occasional
. Limbretimbre: Nofi [Unreleased] Pretension 
. Tlink: Laced Remix Project-1 [Tracks & Remixes 2004] Laced Milk Tech.
. Muziq: Johnny Mastricht [Bilious Paths] Planet-Mu
. Squarepusher: District Line 11 [Ultravisitor] Warp
. My Kill Jack's On: Runciter's Coin [Milk Beast's Lullaby] 2Playermusic
. Bipolar Controller: At the Korova [03/2003, V/A] Laced Milk Tech. .
. MBM: Helter Skelter (Linenoise Remix) [Fans Who Are Musicians]
. Tino: Live at Dub Mission 10/29/00 [Sounds of the 20th Century no.3] TinoCorp
. Meat Beat Manifesto: Super Soul Dub [...In Dub] :/Run
. Meat Beat Manifesto: God O.D. - Part 1 (Norsq mix) [STS RMXS] TinoCorp
. Jack Dangers: 1, 2, 3, 4 [Tapelab '82] Tapelab.org
. Jack Dangers: Every Technique [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct
. Meat Beat Manifesto: Prime Audio Soup (Freemix) by Bo Square [Unreleased]
Mike Powell
. The Tape: Alive [Perpetual Dubbing] Hampton
. Spintronic: Wrong (Not Wrong) [Vibon 2: Blip-Pop Click Comp.] TBTMO
. Not Breathing: Space Between II [Carrion Sounds] KimoSciotic
. Plan 29: Security [What Is A Threat?] Unschooled
. Codec: Beneath the Surface [Tension] Component
. Chango Feo: El Mariachi [Alaska] Hive
. Ulrich Schnauss: In All The Wrong Places [A Strangely Isolated Place] CCO
. Tones on Tale: Performance [12"] Beggars Banquet
. Cocteau Twins: Garlands [Garlands] 4AD
. Cameleons UK: Swamp Thing [Swamp Thing 12"] Deconstruction
. Ministry: Halloween [Halloween] Wax Trax
. Muslimgauze: From The Edge (Chris and Cosey) [From The Edge EP] Chlorophyl
. Apogee: This Moment [Vol. 1, V/A] Fateless Flows
. Constant Flux: Sonic Alchemy [All Things Change] :/Run
. Vessel: Fold [Fold 7"] Expanding
. Lamb: Angelica [Between Darkness And Wonder] Koch
. Secede: Seconds With Simon [Vol. 1] EEM
. Penfold Plum: Metwal [Scribble I Infant] Wichita
. Jay Migliori: Lunatic Waltz [Smile[ Cexton 

Dig the music kidz,

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