[Zombies] who was at the LA res?

Sean Mullen sean at spanimation.com
Mon Aug 30 10:47:35 EDT 2004

I was indeed there. I had no idea how to identify anyone else though, so I just soaked in the great show. Mr. Jack Dangers was pretty much surrounded right after the show, so I didn't get to say hi, but I did manage to thank Ben Stokes for finally coming down. Great great show. I'd love to see the video clips.

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Damn,  Sean, you were there??!?!?!

Any other Zombies there?  I suppose I should check my old email addy more often.

I have a bunch of video clips from the performance and a rare CONSOLIDATED semi- reunion where I had Phil stand next to Marky Mark Pistel! ;)


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By all means, go if you can! The LA show was great! Lots of stuff I've never heard before. 

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