[Zombies] Zombies need bass ?

adjust at rematter.com adjust at rematter.com
Thu Aug 26 05:01:46 EDT 2004

adjectives: 5.1
enthusiasm: 9
reckless use of underscores: 1
heinous references: 1 (or 9, depending on how you see things)
inspired tangential thoughts for mr. j.d and miss lady kier kickin up some
dust: 11

average score: 5.42 (or 7.02 if you think dizzee rascal is "original fresh
hype gear")

...think i'd rather hear an EMF schubert dip revival than more dizzee
rascal. thanks.

> In case anyone's stereo craves some bass, check out the recent _Grime_
> compilation on Rephlex. The title of the album is apparently also the
> "label" put on this type of music by the UK music press and seems to be
> the
> latest fashion. Imagine a cross between breakbeats, 2-step and ragga, with
> whooping bass lines. The 1st time I heard something similar was on _Dizzee
> Rascal_'s album _Boy In Da Corner_, with _I Luv U_ being the stand-out
> track
> for me. The _Grime_ compilation seems to be void of vocalists/MCs, just
> assorted vocal samples, which is fine for me. This lack of vocalists/MCs
> is
> always why I preferred _Photek_'s d&b over _Bukem_ or the whole _Roni
> Size_
> thing.

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