[Zombies] Jack doing Forbidden Planet in Belgium

Thierens, Danny Danny.Thierens at KochGlitsch.com
Thu Aug 26 03:20:35 EDT 2004

Jack is apparently scheduled to do 2 renditions of his _Forbidden Planet_
soundtrack in Belgium, during October 7th-9th. Although unconfirmed, I
believe the 9th will be in Kortrijk at the Happy New Ears festival (check
http://www.happynewears.be/ <http://www.happynewears.be/>  although there
isn't any info there yet), as one of the tracks from Jack's album appears on
the festival compilation CD (just released). The 7th or 8th is supposed to
be in Brussels. I have no info on other European shows.

Anyone interested in hopping over ? I'm certainly going to catch 1 or both
shows. It's been too long since Jack made it over here ... 

Yippie !!!

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