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Levi Just quiller1 at email.com
Fri Aug 13 11:47:10 EDT 2004

Hi there fellow Zombies,

Don't know if anyone's noticed, but the sound samples up on TapeLab.org correspond with tracks on the Sci-Fi Sound Effects disc on Forbidden Planet Explored.  Just thought people who downloaded the sound samples would like to know their alternate titles:

jd_soundbytes1 - Emulating the Sound of the Exploding Sun! - Space Wars (excerpt)
jd_soundbytes2 - Emulate the Sound of Gaseous Beings Having Sex . . . - Shimmering Particles (excerpt)
jd_soundbytes3 - Slow Down the Rate of Decent - Alien Signals (excerpt)
jd_soundbytes4 - Gaseous Beings Communicating . . . - Martian Landscape (excerpt)
jd_soundbytes5 - Strange Whistling Tones . . . - UFO #1 (excerpt)
jd_soundbytes6 - The Strange Sounds They Were Hearing . . . - Planet of Life
jd_soundbytes7 - Huge Magnetospheres and Their Own Polar Aurora . . . - Deep Glissando #1 (excerpt)
jd_soundbytes8 - Masked by This Terribly Annoying Humming Sound. - Sexularis (excerpt)

Also elements of "Hubble Deep Field #1" and "Obedience Gun" can be found in "Intermission Dub" and "Timebomb Dub", respectively.

Alright that's enough trainspotting nerdiness from me.


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