[Zombies] 9/11/04 - Tino Corp. & EBN @ RESfest NYC, Tribeca Performing ArtsCenter

Dodson, David DDodson at vicr.com
Mon Aug 9 14:24:55 EDT 2004

The full details posted by http://www.VoidstarProductions.com
(please forward to anyone who might be interested):

Royters Music Nooz Survass: For Immediate Release
1) 9/11/04 - Tino Corp. & EBN @ RESfest NYC, Tribeca Performing Arts Center.  199 Chambers St. #S110C NYC

2) 9/04/04 - Terrorfakt, Manufactura, Abstinence at Albion-Batcave @ Downtime.  251 West 30th Street (between 7th and 8th) NYC

Official sources have stated, Jack Dangers (of the legendary Meat Beat Manifesto) will be bringing his Tino Corp. project, which also features Ben Stokes, to RESfest New York City, on Sat. Sept. 11, 2004.

Also appearing; veteran visual performance bandits Emergency Broadcast Network. An EBN Performance Specialist will be demonstrating their latest E.D.S. (entertainment delivery system), the EBN Video Baby Grand Piano.

Officials close to the president quote him as stating, "I'm hopeful. I know there is a lot of ambition..."

When questioned about the combination of visual musical artistry, Donald Rumsfeld replied, "...I'm more concepty...you know, I have my preference...there's a widespread perception in this town...that...every single idea is..."bold, exciting, innovative, and new. This administration...recommends...that...you...go down. I can't think of anything...that...smoking...for a relatively modest cost."

The president has been officially quoted as saying "I would strongly reject that assumption...this is our first event in this beautiful spot...let people in to take a look and see what they're up to...I think it's a mistake not to...whatever you call it."

RESfest 2004, 9/11/04.
      location: Tribeca Performing Arts Center.
          199 Chambers St. #S110C New York, NY
      Saturday, September 11, 2004.
start time & cost tba.
   individual tickets for U.S. cities go on sale on August 15th.
for info; http://www.res.com , http://www.tribecapac.org/
        box office: 212-220-1460.

In a related story, Terrorfakt, Manufactura and Abstinence (w/Darryl Hell from EBN) will be invading Albion-Batcave @ Downtime, Sat. Sept. 4, 2004

The president spoke highly of the return of Abstinence and referred to them as "...a well-oiled unit of people who came together to serve something greater than themselves, congratulations." No further comments have been made about this issue at this time.

Abstinence w/ Manufactura, Terrorfakt and Cervello Elettronico
    Albion-Batcave @ Downtime
         Sat. Sep. 4th 2004 - 9PM
       251 West 30th Street (between 7th and 8th) NYC
   tba +21

In a press briefing yesterday, Greg Deocampo, EBN Technology Dir., stated, "The EBN Video Baby Grand Piano is an audio/video performance instrument, sculptured as a baby grand piano, by Gardner Post and Greg Deocampo. The instrument features a comprehensive database of EBN digital video, recently re-mastered and updated by Joshua L. Pearson, as well as video turntable software and systems from EJ Enterprises and DVLABS.  Video Baby Grand Piano complies with all published and unpublished federal rules and regulations governing signal jamming and remix systems, as required by the Department of Homeland Entertainment."

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