[Zombies] san francisco

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Wed Apr 21 12:42:48 EDT 2004

MK ULTRA wrote:

>Fellow Zombies! I need your help!
>My wife (and fellow Zombie Felicia) and I will be taking our first trip to
>San Francisco the weekend of May 7th. In a perfect world, our timing would
>coincide with a Tino/MBM related show. We realize this will most likely
>not be the case, so we were hoping to get some advice from the fellow bay
>area Zombies on what to do out there. We don't think there will be a
>problem finding stuff to do, but recommendations are always a big help.

sunday nights at the elbo room (17th & valencia, mission district) is 
dub night. i've seen many a tino/jack/mark p show there.



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