[Zombies] Looking for "Bullet Train"

Jon Drukman jsd at cluttered.com
Tue Sep 2 09:51:18 EDT 2003

At 09:41 PM 8/31/2003, Caryn Rock wrote:
>I'm new to this list and I'm hoping someone can clarify some confusion I 
>have regarding a song. I listen to XM Satelite Radio, channel 82, which 
>plays a song they list as "Bullet Train" by MBM. I have conducted endless 
>searches through MBM's discographies and this song doesn't seem to exist. 
>Is anyone familiar with this song and do you know where I might find it? 
>Thanks in advance for your input!

i checked allmusic.com (everybody should burn this site url into their brain).

the most likely candidate in my opinion is bullet train by transglobal 
underground.  it's not an MBM track.


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