[Zombies] Looking for "Bullet Train"

bbyer at rice.edu bbyer at rice.edu
Mon Sep 1 12:36:48 EDT 2003

Quoting Caryn Rock <smoochgirl at excite.com>:

> Hello,
> I'm new to this list and I'm hoping someone can clarify some confusion I have
> regarding a song. I listen to XM Satelite Radio, channel 82, which plays a
> song they list as "Bullet Train" by MBM. 

Nope -- I posed this very same question here a few months ago and only got the
same response I'm about to give you -- "Yeah, I've heard it there too!"


No idea where it came from, and I've had no luck getting it out of XM.  Part of
the problem is that XM82 is actually licensed from a difference company
(WorldSpace?), and they don't have direct control over the programming.

But please -- let me know if you find out!

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