[Zombies] Disco Room - She's Unreal Tension Remix!

Francesca M fm at digitalchemist.com
Wed Oct 1 21:40:33 EDT 2003

>> By the way, Francesca, I know I was the late arrival with this mix, but is
>> there any chance it may go up on the fan mix site soon?

Sean Mullen a.k.a Disco Room's "She's Unreal Tension Remix" has been added
to the MBM: Fans Who Are Musicians Page... It is currently available
for MP3 download at the following Url:


This remix of She's Unreal is one not to be missed...  It has been featured
on the Digital::Nimbus radio show in the past, and will be featured this
week as well in an extended MBM Block I will put together...  You may listen
live this Friday night 12:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m. (technically Sat. morning)
at www.kuci.org 

The following is a review of the remix that Pietro wrote ;)
Yet another fine remix from the talented Zombie-head known as Sean Mullen
who operates his machines under the 'Disco Room' moniker. Utilizing more of
Freddie Hubbard & Ilhan Mimaroglu's vocal-samples from "Sing Me A Song of
Songmy" (Jazz Series, 1976), Disco Room creates a groovy downtempo
remix that contains a soft rumbling bassline that casually morphs into an
upbeat drum'n bass styled assault on the ears. "Give Me Love, So that I can
KILL" is precisely maneuvered around this laid-back piece of musical
engineering. Sean Mullen's talent is one to contend with;The creative use
of the original samples from "She's Unreal" (Subliminal Sandwich,
1996) proves that he can easily nurture a breakbeat to its full capacity
while downtempo rhythms cascade in the background. Kudos...

*Side Note* the Fans Who Are Musicians Remix page is a small taste of the
major MBM Historical Archive Update coming soon...  If you click on the
navigation bar though at the top it will take you to the Old MBM Historical
Archive I created 5 years ago.... Patience is a virtue... hehee. . .?

Zombie Peace and Zombie Luv,


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