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Wed Mar 5 14:02:15 EST 2003

//-- March.01.03.. feat. Deru & CD Giveaway!
Last week Deru (Neo Ouija/Mille Plateaux/CCO) performed
live on Digital::Nimbus. Congratulations to the winners of
the CD Giveaway of Deru's "Pushing Air" full-length coming
out on Neo Ouija in the Spring. Special thanks to Ben Wynn
for his minimal bass driven ambiences and energetic clip-hop

Neo Ouija :: http://neoouija.co.uk
Igloo Mag :: http://igloomag.com (Reviews)

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//-- Show Stream //--
//-- Show Download //-- (84 mb @ 64kbps for 180m55s)

. Esem: Eloki.Neadu [Enveloped] Defocus 
. Yasume: Deru Remix [Yasume Remixes] City Centre Offices 
. Nobukazu Takemura: Childs View [Heroin + Remixes] Orthlorng Musork 
. Gridlock: Voiceless:Vcam:rmx [Trace] Possessive-Blindfold 
. Sky Tucker: Qc6v [Breaks Your Heart Again Comp.] 6-Records 
. Pss2099: Shadows [Men With Boxes Comp.] DUB 
. Crunch: Boy.Rek [10 Inch] Delikatessen 
. Ambulance: Polyp (Battlecat RMX) [Fear001 EP] The Fear 
. *Gescom: Mag 3.1426 (Rmxd by Ae) [This EP] Skam 
. Bauri: Undivided [Slacker Journal] Neo Ouija 
. Kettel: Be Nice Dust [Smiling Little Cow] Neo Ouija

Deru *Live* Performance, Interview & CD-Giveaway
PUSHING AIR (CD/LP Neo Ouija :: Spring 2003)
Neo Ouija Records :: http://neoouija.co.uk

* L'usine ICL: Blind [Iron City] Hymen 
* Metamatics: Byeway (Clan) [From Death to Passwords..] Hydrogren Dukebox 
* Spark: We Almost Didn't Make It [The Robotic Girl Next Door] n5MD 
* Esem: Swift Urban Departure From What Was 
Once an Innocent Soul [Serial Human] Merck

MBM & Related Music Block::

. MBM: Nano [Variaciones Espectrales] Instinct 
. Ethyl Meatplow: Ripened Peach [12"] 
. Bigod 20: One [One EP]

. Jay Migliori: Lunatic Waltz [Smile] Cexton

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Thanks to all those who tuned in! Feel free to email comments about
the show, or inquiries on the artists listed to info at digitalnimbus.com

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