[Zombies] Destroyer.net Radio - live show with breaks today

Aric Meidl gonion at earthnet.net
Sat Jul 19 12:31:29 EDT 2003

For those break heads on list (as if everyone isnt)

July 19th @ 2pm (EDT)
Breaks set with Bioteknik [BrokenSould-DC]
& HUE-E (DNB) [roundtable|equalibrium|skyrocket-dc/bmore/denver]

find it at shoutcast under drum and bass or breaks or go to

I think Bioteknik should be pretty cool, tho ive never heard em'. DNB first
then Breaks and then more DNB not really sure...

Also any zombies interested in playing material on the station tunes, mixes
or show should go check out the destroyer.net site.

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