Jon Whitney turbid at turbid.com
Fri Jul 18 12:55:15 EDT 2003

Thanks for your years of putting up with all of our crap, all of our
lists, and doing everything you can for nearly everybody that asks you.

You're a superstar and I hope you have a good time tonight - it is a
milestone birthday after all!

Please, everybody should flood his email box (dgarcia at hollyfeld dot
org) with personal thanks for all he's done to keep these email lists
alive, free of spam, free of charge, and all out of the kindness of his

Bless you, Dan, you are truly a wristwatch in a world of lumps, you are as
truthful as a Communist in the streets of Milan, your dashingly colored
toupee twists my right boot into a state of ennui with the speed
and dexterity of many lemon meringue-coated conquistadors, and may you
always have stables of horses to service your needs.  (Credits to the
surrealist compliment generator.)


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