[Zombies] Recording streaming (real)audio

Aric Meidl gonion at earthnet.net
Sat Jul 5 13:02:41 EDT 2003

On 7/5/03 11:35 AM, "Christopher Miller" <cervix at atlantic.net> wrote:

StreamripperX is the best streamripper ever. It is actually just a revised
GUI for the terminal app of the same name, there used to be a different one
written by some other dude using the same terminal app but he took his off
the net in lieu of the fact. Go to yahoo or google (or Cnet maybe) and type
Streamripper for os x, your bound to find it, Its free. Or try

> Hey guys.
> Back to this topic... sorry.  Are there any applications like StreamboxVCR,
> MusicMatch, whatever for Macs?
> Thanks.
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