[Zombies] An invitation to breakbeat culture artists on teh zombie list and "RETRACTION"

Aric Meidl gonion at earthnet.net
Tue Dec 23 13:31:49 EST 2003

HI everyone,

I wanted to let everyone know on the list that I have started and been
running for the past 6 months a public internet radio station catering to
breakbeat culture music... I.e. Breakbeats, DNB, jungle, breakcore etc...

The main purpose has been to allow up and coming DJ's and producers to get
internet radio play regardless of status in their respective "scene", to
promote their music/mixes independently, and network with other aspiring
hard working folks. Destroyer is not responsible for its content, its users

Currently a great deal of the playlist and public interest has been on the
east coast primarily dc/md/va which accounts for a larger amount of DNB,
jungle on the station. We are however gaining ground with other parts of the
country and starting to get a little more variety in tunes, incl. More
breaks shows and some IDnbM. I know a lot of people on the list are out west
and are mos def catering to a little different sound than we've currently
had in rotation. Being big fans of all types of breakbeat culture music from
dancefloor smashers to the obscure, Im really hoping some the west coast
artist's start taking the opportunity to join in.

We offer free contact, bio, photo opportunities, a message board (just
launched, plenty of room for improvement), IRC chat for our weekly dj's, and
will soon be launching a new radio only portal for the station with content
based on our user base.

Currently the station is funded by my design studio (Destroyer Entertainment
Group, DenCo) and my partner DJ Hue-e and his studio (Equilibrium Studios -
MD,DC). We are both musicians, DJ's and producers that embrace the DIY ethic
and feel a strong attraction to creating systems by which individuals might
control their own destiny. Lofty,... We know. We plan to run the station as
a purely non-profit endeavor and plan to keep advertising limited to
covering costs as well as being as subdued as possible, sponsorships instead
of ads, banners at fan area of the site as opposed to on the stream, etc.

Anyone interested should feel free to  check us out at www.destroyer.net ,
links to the forum, radio, chat... Are all available there. Keep in mind
that while we are in the process of separating and combining lots of this
stuff is changing very rapidly... Purely radio portal should open sometime
in January and will develop in close coordination with our users/listeners.

Destroyer currently averages somewhere between 10 and 30 listeners daily at
any given moment, typically for over 2 hours in length. In the past 5 months
Destroyer has server over 350,000 streams. We are constantly growing and
take numerous steps routinely to promote the network.

Please give us a look. ;)

I have to retract my statement about the mastering on RUOK from earlier this
year. Indeed RUOK was mastered at the exchange , but by Graemhe (sp?) not
simon at the exchange. My  apologies for further spreading false info.... :)
I shouldve checked the liner notes when I heard the news.... Either way ...
The exchange  :thumbup:

Thanks and have a zombie-riffic holiday.

Aric / Mighty
Alpha | ahplA

Destroyer Entertainment Graphics
Destroyer.net Radio
mighty at destroyer.net

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