[Nagnagnag] Dub Syndicate Ambience in Dub 1982 - 1985

Paul Smith oscar-smith at bigpond.com
Sun Dec 17 23:56:50 PST 2017

If I may make so bold, please allow me to recommend some sweet candy for your estimable ears.

The Dub Syndicate Ambience in Dub 1982 – 1985 box set is currently on heavy rotation at mine.  Its a compilation of early work from the collective masterminded by Mr Adrian Sherwood.

Seems to me it shares many elements with the RHK material that I love:
  a.. trouser flapping bass 
  b.. chattering percussion 
  c.. space echo 
  d.. samples and effects only visited once per track 
  e.. general electronic weirdness
Please feel free to recommend other artists or albums in this vein worth pursuing.

All Other Roads Are Shut Off,

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