[Nagnagnag] quiet ? how about this ...

danny.thierens2 at telenet.be danny.thierens2 at telenet.be
Tue Jan 19 11:59:26 PST 2016

hi all, 

apparently no new stuff to look forward to, so perhaps can be of some silly comfort : http://www.benl.ebay.be/itm/Keep-Calm-And-Love-Richard-H-Kirk-2-Sided-Keyring-And-Fridge-Magnet-Set-/121751760820?hash=item1c58f86fb4:g:NwsAAOSwDNdV6tx8 

btw, does anybody else have a cd "rot" problem with _virtual state_ ? it's probably the only cd i have with this specific problem (brownish marks on the outside, tracks skip, ...). something warp did with the uk pressing perhaps ? perhaps the usa wax trax one doesn't have this problem and i need to track down one of those. 

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