[Nagnagnag] quiet ? yes it is ... but wrangler is performing live soon and there are new releases

danny.thierens2 at telenet.be danny.thierens2 at telenet.be
Wed Aug 17 07:05:48 PDT 2016

not sure if anyone has posted anything about seeing wrangler live, but they're coming to the same location (tilburg, the netherlands) where i saw (and recorded) kirk/cabs last year : http://incubate.org/line-up/909/wrangler 

the blurb also mentions a new album coming in october. i hope it's as good as _la spark_ ( https://www.discogs.com/Wrangler-LA-Spark/master/684421 ). 

looking at discogs again, i see there's a new wrangler remix cd/project, _sparked_ ( https://www.discogs.com/Wrangler-Sparked-Modular-Remix-Project/master/1031500 ). some good names there ! 

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