[Nagnagnag] Quiet around here

Paul Pisano cheep at allealle.com
Wed Aug 17 06:35:23 PDT 2016

I was thinking the same thing - not just this list, but in terms of releases from Mr. Kirk, too.  I miss the days when it seemed like he had something new every month, whether as Sandoz/Sweet Exorcist/Trafficante/Dark Magus/Electronic Eye/...
Any word on upcoming releases?
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 Things have been quiet around here - or my SPAM filter has been working overtime. 
Next month we're heading to Switzerland (again, last time was 2001) and will visit the original "Cabaret Voltaire" (now a gallery/performance space).  
Signed up for a two hour walking tour of the Dadaists as well.
Signing off...

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