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well ... it took a bit longer than expected (not seconds too late, but days). 

the venue was the tilburg main concert hall (about 1 hr drive for me), apparently accustomed to theatre and classical music, including nicely dressed attendants and waiters. the gig started off with most people sitting down, kirk coming on stage, trying out his small audio setup (looked like using dat/md, 2 keyboards) before the 1st track fired up (loud !) and the 3 projectors kicked off. while others decided to shake their ... in the side isles, i sat down, watched & listened (luckily with earplugs) and recorded the full 1 hr set (audio/video) with an iphone, now having 2 big .mov files (each 30 min, > 2 gb size). sound is not that fantastic (kirk pushed the venue speakers quite hard) but ok for an audience recording, video is quite complete except for a few people passing by in front of me. not much of a reviewer, but i certainly liked the tracks (nothing i could immediately recognize, so hopefully new recordings coming out soon) in combination with the cut-up videos. i glad i had earplugs on me, as also recommend by the venue (i have some pictures to share too), certainly for the final drone & squeek. there was a small stand selling vinyl & cds after the show, but nothing new to add to my collection. 

i got to see laurel halo (nice mix of idm & 4/4 techno) before and factory floor (bit too much 4/4 techno) and lakker (super idm) afterwards too. kirk showed up at the factory floor gig (in a small club, close to the main venue) and had a chat with some people, i just stood there and watched from a distance. i wanted to catch and ( http://www.discogs.com/artist/1638085-AnD-7 ) as evening final, but got too tired and decided to drive home. 

if anyone has any tips on how to reduce the file size and post them somewhere (youtube ?), please feel free to let me know (on the forum or offline). i'll gladly share what i have. there's already some nice videos on youtube of the atonal festival in berlin last year, just search for "kirk atonal" 

dv8 (partially submerged again) 

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Holy crap! :-D 


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Just got back to Bristol after a one-day jaunt to the Netherlands to see CV (my first ever time as I've been cash strapped the last three shows). 

Anyone else there? There were a few of us dancing maniacally in the aisles -it was a fucking amazing set. 

Also, that afternoon, while trying to get the Mercure Hotel staff to call us a taxi to our (much less nice) own hotel, who pops out the elevator? RH bloody K. Had a nice chat with the fella about the show that night and he said he'd been working on some fresh material that day for the performance. Made my day as he was a sound bloke! 


Nicolas Doye 


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