[Nagnagnag] dropbox audio files for cabaret voltaire - live at incubate tilburg 19 september 2015

danny.thierens2 at telenet.be danny.thierens2 at telenet.be
Thu Oct 8 05:39:55 PDT 2015

dear all, 

i finally got around to uploading my recordings on dropbox. in the below link, you'll find the audio in mp3 and flac. 


as the video files are both larger than 2 gb, i need to compress them to get them onto dropbox (and others like wetransfer) with its free limit of 2 gb. i tried a number of free convertors to compress the mov files down to mp4 (or other format preferred ?) but somehow my computer had problems with all of them. in case anyone knows a good bit of free software, i welcome your input. in case anyone still wants the mov files, please contact me (again). 

i hope you enjoy these as i have ! 

in case anybody has the 2 cabs tracks from the recent _berlin atonal vol 3_ (vinyl only), you would do me a great favor by sharing them in mp3/flac. 


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