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Hey Danny, 

Yes, it's hard to believe it's been 20 years since Virtual State came out! Seems just like yesterday. 
I can still clearly remember buying it back in 1994 at the local Tower Records.. an excellent Kirk album indeed! 

Sorry to hear about your disc rot problem. That's a bummer... but at least if it ever does fail you completely, it's still quite easy to find copies of this CD. 
My copy is still perfect after all these years, with no rot. And other friends copies I've seen are still in great condition. 
Is your copy the Warp UK version? Or the Warp/Wax Trax/TVT US version? 
Mine is the US version. Guessing yours is probably the UK/EU pressing. Wonder if many other copies of your pressing are suffering from disc rot, too? 
You know I bet that Warp would replace it for you, if you so desired, as they are still around and going strong - unlike PDO, who in the early nineties manufactured many CD's that had much trouble with disc rot, mainly with many bands released through World Serpent Distribution (COIL, Nurse With Wound, C93, etc.). And PDO did actually replace them for people, while they were still in business. 
I have several PDO discs that are suffering from disc rot, but unfortunately I didn't find out about them replacing them until it was too late. 
But luckily, all my copies still play just fine, and aren't as bad as other copies I've seen pictures of.
 Not sure if the climate where I live has anything to do with it, but there's no humidity in Arizona and I think that may possibly be a factor as to why they haven't deteriorated any further. They've basically all stayed in the same condition over the last 20 years.
But I would definitely look into having Warp give you a replacement copy, especially if it's one of your favorite Kirk albums :-)

Funny you mention Jean Michel Jarre, as I love his work and own quite a few of his early albums on vinyl, but I've yet to hear Music For Supermarkets. Will have to check that one out ;-) 


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   1. happy 20th b-day to virtual state ! (danny.thierens2 at telenet.be)


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nice of WARP to (again) give credit to RHK ... http://warp.net/records/richard-h-kirk/virtual-state-at-20 . this has always been one of my favorites and still one of the only CD's i own that is dying from a kind of rot. just my copy !? 

to stay in ambient vein, i just ordered the namlook 8 cd tribute at http://www.carpesonum.com/s01.html . namlook did some great collabs (biosphere, richie hawtin, bill laswell, mixmaster morris, jochem paap) but no more ... he missed an opportunity with (why not !) RHK or jack dangers (MBM). 


ps : been listening to jm jarre "music for supermarkets" (bootleg of course, http://www.discogs.com/Jean-Michel-Jarre-Music-For-Supermarkets/release/232411 ), some really nice tracks on that one keeping in mind it's from 1983. nothing as smooth as his later stuff. 

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