[Nagnagnag] Mal leaving in 93

Grant Regnaert tripreset at hotmail.com
Sat Jun 22 16:53:27 PDT 2013

I think it probably just doesn't get mentioned or brought up that much because Mal left only 1 year before CV ended, rather than 3 or 4 years before. 
So my guess is that most fans probably just assume that he was there up until the end. 

But I do recall first finding out that Mal left in 1993 almost about 20 years ago. 
And that he basically was not involved with the making of The Conversation. 
As I remember when I first bought my copy of it in '94, I found it quite interesting when reading the credits because on the back cover it says "The Conversation. Sun. Mar 2 - / 1900 90 04: 14>18. --hrs: CV Produced. Cabaret Voltaire. Written. Kirk/Mallinder ". 
BUT... then on the inside of the booklet in the liner notes, it completely contradicts WHO wrote it.  As it says everything that is in quotes above verbatim, EXCEPT immediately after CV, it says "Composed, programmed, arranged, and sonically orchestrated by RHKirk > Intone/productions."  

And I'm not sure if this is exactly why, but I have heard that the reason the inside says composed, etc. etc. everything by RHKirk, and it says Written. Kirk/Mallinder on the back, is because it was under the Cabs name, so Mal's name had to be there. 
But then on the inside it states who truly wrote and did everything on The Conversation. 
And being that it was pt. 3 of the trilogy I'm guessing that's why it stayed listed as a CV album, and not a Kirk solo album.  

And I have also heard a few different times over the years, that the entire trilogy - Plasticity and International Language, too - were both composed, arranged, etc., pretty much entirely by Kirk. But I'm not sure how valid that actually is. 
Though it wouldn't surprise me if it was true. 

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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