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Apparently, the Cabs/NO track isn't finished. Does that mean that there is
a finished version on the "master" somewhere?

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Thanks everyone for pointing out my error! ;) That'll teach me to speak off
the cuff!

Grant, I think you'll find the details you want here:


or here:




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Cabaret Voltaire also collaborated with New Order on 2 tracks (back in 1980
when New Order's first demos were recorded at Western Works). Though, to my
knowledge, only one of those two tracks, "Are You Ready?", was ever
released, on a semi-officially released New Order 12" EP.

It is simply titled:

Western Works Demos 9-7-80.

And though the track is listed on the back of the 12" as 'Are You Ready?',
the full title of it is actually 'Are You Ready, Are You Ready, Are You
Ready For This?'.

Also if I recall correctly, I think that the day and/or the month labeled
may be slightly inaccurate. I seem to remember reading something about the
demos being recorded on another date than what was listed on the EP. Can
anyone else confirm this?


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