[Nagnagnag] collaboration with New Order

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Thanks everyone for pointing out my error! ;) That'll teach me to speak off 
the cuff!

Grant, I think you'll find the details you want here:


or here:




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> Cabaret Voltaire also collaborated with New Order on 2 tracks (back in 
> 1980 when New Order's first demos were recorded at Western Works). Though, 
> to my knowledge, only one of those two tracks, "Are You Ready?", was ever 
> released, on a semi-officially released New Order 12" EP.
> It is simply titled:
> Western Works Demos 9-7-80.
> And though the track is listed on the back of the 12" as 'Are You Ready?', 
> the full title of it is actually 'Are You Ready, Are You Ready, Are You 
> Ready For This?'.
> Also if I recall correctly, I think that the day and/or the month labeled 
> may be slightly inaccurate. I seem to remember reading something about the 
> demos being recorded on another date than what was listed on the EP. Can 
> anyone else confirm this?
> Grant

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