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listening to this track from the referenced Winston Tong release right now : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W376PfpMGYU 

(just after this noisy F242 cover : https://soundcloud.com/vandal-x/04-vandal-x-no-shuffle) 

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Onderwerp: [Cabaretvoltaire] Re: Cabs with Tuxedomoon 

To my knowledge, the only time they collaborated with another group. 

I have some recordings from this tour, I wonder if they are the same as those you listed? 

This is the only official release I think (see track 5): 


--- In cabaretvoltaire at yahoogroups.com , priemgetal wrote: 
> Here a strange collaboration. 
> Did they often do these kind of collaborations? 
> A tape I copied once from a friend who went to see the shows. Several (perhaps 10) copies were made to give to friends. 
> It's a long track with a slow beat. With lots of samples,tapeloops from the Crackdown album, combined with the typical Tuxedomoon flair at the end. 
> A nice idea but not a groundbraking recording. 
> http://www.discogs.com/Cabaret-VoltaireTuxedomoon-Live-In-Brussels-03-10-1982-And-Live-In-Leuven-07-10-1982/release/4304590 

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