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For purely some older solo Kirk material..  I would choose to use in no particular order: 

Never lose Your Shadow
So Digital 
Street Gang (it really hurts)
Indole Ring
Martyrs of Palestine 12" Mix 
Wire Trap 
Public Fun
The Greedy Eye 
One Three Fourgasm
Leather Hands

Though that is probably way over sixty min. Lol..

But actually I think a really good place to start, especially for a friend who has never hear Kirk would be his 2xCD album, Earlier/Later. 

As that album has got all kinda different tracks from 1974-1989. 
And if it can only be 60 minutes long. . then just pick half of the tracks (your own favorites obviously) from the first disc and half from the second. 
As I actually played that for a friend who had never even heard Cabs and he really loved it... especially the variety of it.
Though Never Lose Your Shadow would definitely HAVE to be on there somewhere as that is a truly amazing track. 

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i've been re-listening to some older RHK solo works lately and i just
wanted to open up a discussion to the crowd here...

if you were to make a 60 minute compilation of RHK solo tracks for a
friend who has never heard RHK solo, what songs would you use?


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