[Nagnagnag] Mal's Cool Down

Simon Dell simon at stroppy.demon.co.uk
Sun Jan 8 23:56:16 PST 2012

Hi Danny, Grant and all,

True completists keep their vinyl as well ;)

None on Ebay at the moment that I could see, but some copies via discogs:




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> hey Danny,
> Been a while.. hope all is well.
> Actually, for the true completist, not sure most fans know this as I did 
> not know it for quite a while.
> But the track Cool Down on Pow Wow Plus (which was originally released on 
> the 1981 Fetish 12" single Temperature Drop, along with the title track) 
> is actually an edited, shorter version on Pow Wow Plus by a couple of 
> minutes.
> I forget if Temperature Drop is edited too. .  .but I dont think so.
> Do you know if the version on this compilation album is the full length 
> track from the original single?
> Unfortunately When I bought the Mute reissue Pow Wow Plus on CD in the 
> early nineties, I sold my original 12" single. . as I just assumed the 
> tracks would be the same length.
> At First when I played the cd I thought: Hmmm. . . I thought Cool Down was 
> a bit longer. hmmm... oh well... I guess not.
> And a few years later a good friend pointed out that they were NOT the 
> same. And I was so mad.
> he played it for me and recorded it onto a blank tape for me (this was 
> still a few years before the CDRs came out :-)
> So I no longer have the original single which does bug me somewhat. But if 
> I ever see it again for a reasonable price.. not like what it goes for on 
> ebay. . i will buy it again.
> Word to the wise: ALWAYS verify something before you sell it even if you 
> think you are correct :-)
> Grant

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